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Scootaloo Corrected (x265/HEVC) Season 4 (1080p)

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WARNING: HEVC/x265 ENCODED PONIES - They are playable from modern computers via MPC HC 1.7.1 or better on Windows, VLC 2.2.0 or better on Windows/Linux/OS X and on HEVC/h265/x265 compatible devices (iPhone 6, Amazon FireTV 2, NVidia Shield...)

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Episode 1 (Princess Twilight Sparkle Pt.1)        
Episode 2 (Princess Twilight Sparkle Pt.2)        
Episode 3 (Castle Mane-ia)        
Episode 4 (Daring Don't)        
Episode 5 (Flight to the Finish)        
Episode 6 (Power Ponies)        
Episode 7 (Bats!)        
Episode 8 (Rarity Takes Manehattan)        
Episode 9 (Pinky Apple Pie)        
Episode 10 (Rainbow Falls)        
Episode 11 (Three's a Crowd)        
Episode 12 (Pinkie Pride)        
Episode 13 (Simple Ways)        
Episode 14 (Filli Vanilli)        
Episode 15 (Twilight Time)        
Episode 16 (It Ain't Easy Being Breezies)        
Episode 17 (Somepony to Watch Over Me)        
Episode 18 (Maud Pie)        
Episode 19 (For Whom the Sweetie Belle Tolls)        
Episode 20 (Leap of Faith)        
Episode 21 (Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3)        
Episode 22 (Trade Ya)        
Episode 23 (Inspiration Manifestation)        
Episode 24 (Equestria Games)        
Episode 25 (Twilight's Kingdom Pt.1)        
Episode 26 (Twilight's Kingdom Pt.2)