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Welcome to YaySteven ! Do navigate through the repository with the various links above!

The last one of the YayPonies series: say hello to Steven Universe, the Crystal Gems and the entire population of Beach City. Enjoy the magic of the gems, and remember, believe in Steven.

2017-02-17 Alright, 1080p is back, we had to change our workflow a bit but that's ok now. Enjoy Full-HD Steven.

2017-02-17 iTunes and/or Cartoon Network made something weird: apparently the new episodes from episode 04x10 are only available in 720p even if they are still sold as 1080p on iTunes. So please forgive us for the misnaming on the file for episode 04x10 and 04x11, we just didn't notice yet.

2016-09-26 Times is hard, my lord! Farewell direct downloads and mega hosting, we'll miss you. And TVDB people who cannot decide if we're finishing season 3 or starting season 4 lead us to unconsistent file naming. Well, that's life. But don't worry, cheers up people, we're still on the road and releasing on time. So keep believeing in Steven !

2016-05-22 Cartoon Network decided to publish S03E4-5-6 earlier on french CN, french TVrips english dubbed available on YaySteven as soon as they aired!