6 years!.

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Welcome to the [archiveName goes here] Archive! due to higher demand and limited bandwidth, new episodes may take longer to download than older ones. If the download doesn't start once you've followed the link, save the target file (usually by right-clicking and choosing "Save link as... " from the context menu). Thanks to Coco Pommel for hosting the files!

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iTunes AU Raw
1a1 Season 1 (1080p)
1a2 Season 2 (1080p)
7a1 Season 1 (720p)
7a2 Season 2 (720p)
Color Corrected by ZR
1z1 Season 1 (1080p)
1z2 Season 2 (1080p)
1z3 Season 3 (1080p)
1z4 Season 4 (1080p)
1z5 Season 5 (1080p)
1z6 Season 6 (1080p)
1z7 Season 7 (1080p)
1z8 Season 8 (1080p)
1z9 Season 9 (1080p)
7z1 Season 1 (720p)
7z2 Season 2 (720p)
7z3 Season 3 (720p)
7z4 Season 4 (720p)
7z5 Season 5 (720p)
7z6 Season 6 (720p)
7z7 Season 7 (720p)
7z8 Season 8 (720p)
7z9 Season 9 (720p)
iTunes US Raw
1i1 Season 1 (1080p)
1i2 Season 2 (1080p)
1i3 Season 3 (1080p)
1i4 Season 4 (1080p)
1i5 Season 5 (1080p)
1i6 Season 6 (1080p)
1i7 Season 7 (1080p)
1i8 Season 8 (1080p)
1i9 Season 9 (1080p)
7i1 Season 1 (720p)
7i2 Season 2 (720p)
7i3 Season 3 (720p)
7i4 Season 4 (720p)
7i5 Season 5 (720p)
7i6 Season 6 (720p)
7i7 Season 7 (720p)
7i8 Season 8 (720p)
7i9 Season 9 (720p)
Scootaloo Remastered x264
1s1 Season 1 (1080p)
1s2 Season 2 (1080p)
1s3 Season 3 (1080p)
1s4 Season 4 (1080p)
1s5 Season 5 (1080p)
1s6 Season 6 (1080p)
1s7 Season 7 (1080p)
1s8 Season 8 (1080p)
1s9 Season 9 (1080p)
Scootaloo NEW 2019 10bit HEVC
1sc1 Season 1 (1080p)
1sc2 Season 2 (1080p)
1sc3 Season 3 (1080p)
1sc4 Season 4 (1080p)
1sc5 Season 5 (1080p)
1sc6 Season 6 (1080p)
1sc7 Season 7 (1080p)
1sc8 Season 8 (1080p)
1sc9 Season 9 (1080p)
TVRips by MENTOS/Spazz
1t1 Season 1 (1080p)
1t2 Season 2 (1080p)
1t3 Season 3 (1080p)
1t4 Season 4 (1080p)
1t5 Season 5 (1080p)
1t6 Season 6 (1080p)
Low Quality Encode
7l1 Season 1 (720p)
7l2 Season 2 (720p)
7l3 Season 3 (720p)
7l4 Season 4 (720p)
7l5 Season 5 (720p)
7l6 Season 6 (720p)
7l7 Season 7 (720p)
7l8 Season 8 (720p)
Low Quality Encode, Color Corrected
7lz1 Season 1 (720p)
7lz2 Season 2 (720p)
7lz3 Season 3 (720p)
7lz4 Season 4 (720p)
7lz5 Season 5 (720p)
7lz6 Season 6 (720p)
7lz7 Season 7 (720p)
7lz8 Season 8 (720p)
Scootaloo TVrip (Unsupported)
1s1 Season 1 (1080p)
1s2 Season 2 (1080p)
1s3 Season 3 (1080p)